We call it “the Upwood story”

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We plant trees for living

Upwood team consists of diverse team of professionals who came together to combine knowledge and experience for simple reason - plant the trees and revolutionize the way we plant the trees and finance forest plantations.

When you plant the tree, you do it for the next generation

We understand that the forest we plant today will take long time until it’s maturity, however, as foresters say “when you plant the tree, you do it for the next generation”. Forestry is lifestyle, it’s your choice to be part of something that will remain long after your life and it is in our hands to build the future we want to see.

Founded in the heart of Northern European forests

Our story starts at 2023 when Upwood founders came together to build green venture with purpose to empower humanity with accessible forest and land investments. Upwood is located in European Union country Latvia. More than half of Latvian area is covered in forests being one of the greenest EU states. Forestry industry in Latvia is highly advanced with skilled workforce, clear regulations and growing prices of forest and agricultural land.

New generation forest company

We are revolutionizing forest industry with latest technologies and practical applications of Blockchain, Big Data, IoT and digital twins. We see that intelligent software and hardware applications can be implemented in forest management cycle to improve results and achieve maximum environmental and financial results. We are building technologically advanced forest management future, for the humanity, for the planet.

Upwood team

Lauris Borodovskis

Chief Executive Officer

Volodymyr Havrylyuk-Yensen

Chief Legal Officer

Armands Rudzitis

Chief Financial Officer

Janis Liepins

Chief Marketing Officer

Arturs Jansons

Chief Technical Officer

Mauro Farina

Content manager

Upwood Advisors

Claus Skaaning

Tokenization advisor

Max Semak

Ecology & GIS Advisor

Sam Thyroff-Kohl

Legal Advisor

Upwood partners

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Exclusive investment community

As UN stated “there is no future without addressing climate change”. We created like-minded investor community to address climate change by planting more forests and preserving environmentally friendly assets. Our investor community enjoy early access to attractive investment offerings, ability to pool resources together to crowdfund through fractional ownership and have access to personal investment management cabinet.